Mtendere Women’s day mapping

During the women’s week of activism March 2016, OpenStreetMap Zambia trained female mappers and they mapped existing health and sanitation facilities, as well as waste in vulnerable areas of Lusaka Province to begin with.The project had two objectives empower women by introducing new skills and also provide a base information that can be used by all sectors to improve services in the area.

On 8th March, 2016 women’s day an event was made to commemorate where the community and stakeholders were told about OpenStreetMap and the use OSM in the WASH sector and the public. The area was also digitized using the HOT/OSM tasking manager by the OSM Africa community, with this collective effort over 30,000 buildings were digitized in a week.

This project was supported by GIZ and Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company.

This link shows Mtendere how it was before and now.